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Nikki Temer is co-owner and the main tattoo artist at IKIGAI  tattoo and body piercing.  Nikki Temer has been tattooing for the past 9 years and isnt stopping any time soon!! She began her tattoo career in her mid twenties and has never looked at her life the same.  

Nikki started her body modification at a young age of 13 when her mother allowed her to get her first facial piercing, her eyebrow. Nikki did extra chores to save the $60 for her piercing and jewelry. Her mother took her to a local piercing shop named Hardware right off of Central ave. in the Nob Hill district of Albuquerque, NM in the late 90's.  That was the beginning of Nikki loving body art.  She has always been a driven artist.  Nikki never went to art school. Nikki is a self taught artist and has been entering art contests since she was a young child growing up in the Ozarks of Arakansas.  Her passion for learning as much as she can about art hasnt changed yet been transformed into her lifestyle instead of a hobby.

Nikki is a very versatile artist ranging from neorealism, neotraditional, geometric to photorealism.  She loves full color pieces that make the tattoo more than a tattoo they are an art piece for the client to cherish the rest of their life.

Nikki is driven to give a different approach for her clients. She is very personal and wants to know about you, she wants for her clients to relax and have a memorable experience.  

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