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IKIGAI is a husband and wife team who not only own the business they are the business!! This power couple have lived in Santa fe, NM for many years and aren't looking to move anywhere.  Phil and Nikki Temer have nothing but the future in mind for tattoos and body piercings.  They have worked in Santa Fe for many years in their fields and have only bigger and better ideas than they have ever had.  They are that never say die couple who LOVE tattooing, piercing, suspending, painting, jewelry designing and being real people who want each and every client to meet their body art goals and leave with an experience of a lifetime.   

IKIGAI is a japanese  word that translates to "your reason for being".  Here at IKIGAI tattoo & body piercing we want to share with you our IKIGAI which for us is tattoos and body piercings.  We offer nothing but our daily best to every client that passes through our door to help them get closer their personal IKIGAI.

This business may be new to Santa fe, NM yet Phil Temer and Nikki Temer have been piercing and tattooing in Santa Fe, NM 12 yrs for Phil and 8 yrs for Nikki.  This power couple take their jobs seriously with only the clients best interests in mind for their tattoo, body piercing or new jewelry purchase.

Phil is dedicated to giving his many years experience to every clients desired look and price range. You do not have to be a millionaire to look like one!! Phil is constantly searching for new and gorgeous jewelry options for his very diverse clientele. Phil loves to custom design jewelry for his clients, too. Phil is more than ready to push the envelope for his clients and is working with some amazing companies to get you exactly what you want for your unique look and lifestyle. He has an eye for the new look that will be a show stopper that even your grandma will love it!!  Phil currently is buying from companies such as:

Sacred Symbols


Buddah Jewelry Organics

Body Gems

Maria Tash






Diablo Organics

Sleeping Goddess

Alchemy Adornments

as well as creating custom gold body jewelry for our amazing clients.

Nikki is a custom tattoo artist only offering her best for each design no matter the size.  She believes that every client has their own personal reason for their tattoo design and in order to achieve the exact design she never traces.  Nikki is a versatile artist that offers many different styles for her clients specific needs and desires.  When you bring Nikki a design of another tattoo you are wanting and its on a person she will not trace that image out of respect for that amazing artist that did the tattoo.  She will be inspired by that art piece to create you a custom one of a kind only for you with your creativity added to the design so you get more than you wanted in the first place. She loves full color realism, neorealism, neotradional and sacred geometry tattoo styles.  

In short when you visit IKIGAI Tattoo and Body Piercing you will not only achieve your next modification goal you will leave with a feeling of respect from your artist.  This shop has a goal for every client to make you 100% happy and feel like you matter more than your money.  

Piercing Requirements

For those who are interested in getting a new body piercing we need a few things to successfully fulfil your piercing request:

  • Must be 18 years old 

  • Federal I.D such as a: State I.D, State Drivers License, Passport, Tribal I.D or Military I.D

  • If not 18 yrs old you MUST be accompanied with legal guardian 

  • Legal guardian Must provide minors birth certificate and Federal I.D or legal documents stating they are the minors legal guardian.

  • Must fill out the shops consent form

Tattoo Requirements

For those who are interested in getting a new tattoo we need a few things to successfully fulfill your tattoo request.

  • Must be 18 years old

  • Federal I.D such as a: State I.D, State Drivers License, Passport, Tribal I.D or Military I.D

  • If you are not 18 yrs old you MUST be accompanied with legal guardian

  • Legal Guardian MUST provide mibnors birth certificate and have their own Federal I.D or legal documents stating they are the minors legal guardian

  • Must fill out the shops consent form

After care 

After care instructions will be gone over and over verbally while you are here in the shop. We will go over this information before and after your procedure whether it be a tattoo or a body piercing.  You will also receive a print out of the instructions for you to take home with you and review daily or as needed for a smooth and happy heal.  When you get a tattoo or body piercing done at IKIGAI you will not only leave with a great feeling of accomplishment for your new body art you will also be taking with you after care soap for your body piercings and a vegan salve for your tattoos!!! There is NO charge for this due to you already paying us for providing the service.  We only want our clients to have good products that are locally made exclusively for our clients at IKIGAI.

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