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a busy friday

Today Nikki had a new client coming in for a rose and a heart locket tattoo. She was on time and Nikki was ready to show her the design options for her tattoo. She didnt hesitate to take the design that Nikki had as her first choice which was a forward profile view of an Anna Olivier rose and a locket with angel wings on the locket centered with an amythest cabachon on top of the locket. The rose was colored in purple and turqoise on the petals. This tattoo took about 2.5 to 3 hours for full completion and when Nikki was done her new client was already thinking of her next tattoo.!!! Happy client happy life. Nikki and her new client Jan were more than pleased with the outcome of this new tattoo design.

Nikki as a tattooer is going deeper and deeper into the photo realism genre of a tattooing style. She is using no black outline and is inspired by many artists to move forward in her creativity for her clients. Nikki will not trace an image from your phone she wants to create something that you and her havent seen on anyone else until she puts it on you!!!!

Jan is using the Be.loved salve in a .5 oz amount. Nikki was very stern in regards to after care which is " less is more" your skin is very smart. Your skin knows how much moisture it needs for every square inch of your body. So, using more than what is recommended will NOT speed up the healing process it will make it take longer. The less is more policy goes well for many skin types. This will help your body to calmy allow the essential oils to work with your bodies natural oils for the best healing possible. Remember this is forever there is no need to rush forever.

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