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we here at ikigai have been recieving so many new orders of jewelry that we are running out of places to put things!!! I never thought we would run into a problem like this. We are having to make new displays for the new jewelry!!!!! Phil is amazing with Nikki right behind him pushing him to get more and more for all of our clients to be able to choose from a wide variety not just a hand full of stuff. Phil is working hard to create new lines of jewelry for his clients new and returning so they dont see just the same old stuff from the last 12 yrs of him working in Santa fe. Phil is stuck in a waiting game with certain companies, yet he does have a few that are quick to turn fill the order after Phil sends it to them. Nikki is having a new found love for a few certain companies for jewelry. Nikki and Phil have different tastes in jewelry styles which work perfect for their growing shop. Their shop is only 9 months old and already have had special orders with companies like Maria Tash, Sleeping Goddess and Sacred Symbols. These companies have been around for a good while and arent going anywhere but up!!!!

As for Phil and Nikki so are they, there isnt much that you can do to tear them down. They work diligently every day to do better than they did the day before. "you are only as good as your last accomplishment" not for these 2. They are dedicated parents of 2 kidos and insane workers. They treat their shop like their 3rd child. You have to give it time to show what it knows from what you as the parent have taught it. Their shop may get a part time tattooer soon. That news will come out later as information comes in. WOW, just 9 small months and look at what they have created thus far. There is no end in sight for these 2, they only see up!!!!

I guess in this industry of tattooing and body piercing you can only look up. If you continue to think and tell yourself that what you did today is it and you have nothing left to learn than i guess you missed the boat. This industry is ever changing and improving for the better of the artists and for the clients. We artists need to never stop learning and wanting to learn more and more. Dont be the nose in the air snobby snobberson who has always been told they are the best because they are alive. Be you because you deserve to work hard and come in last only because you didnt give your best that time so you learn how to always give it your best. Your best isnt the easiest by any means, which is why you need to come in last to learn how to come in first and once you learn that never stop leaning how to keep it!!

Not in just this industry is snobbersons in life there are humans that see what you have and hate that you have what you have, unknowing if you actually work hard wvery day to have what you have. It isnt easy being alive and happy day in and day out. yet, some humans see that you smiled yesterday and they didnt so damn you for smiling as big as you do. How dare you be happy in you life when they hate theirs. This has happened enough for people around the workd and it needs to stop. if you want a different figure then get it for yourself, if you want a certain career then get it for yourself, if you want a loving partner then love yourself!!!!!!!!!! Dont hate others for shining as bright as they do, fucking turn your light on for yourself and you will be amazed with what you find!

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