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Good afternoon,

As everyone is aware we are closed during the time of this pandemic. We aren't happy about this situation which we are 100% positive that our clients aren't happy about this either. During this time we are trying to keep our social distancing by updating our website with current photos of our work and we are trying to update our online store so you all can purchase our t shirts, artwork and body jewelry. We are in the works with our custom orders we had taken prior to the virus outbreak and we are working on stickers for our amazing clients to purchase and rep their favorite tattoo and piercing shop!!

We are wanting nothing more than to be open for business yet, unless the Governor lifts the nonessential business closure we have no choice but to be closed. So, please don't stop checking out our social media accounts and our website for new and cool stuff we can either mail to you or hold the design until we can tattoo you!!!

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