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Don't touch your piercings!!

Listen to your piercer!!!! I cannot stress this enough that when you get pierced please dont touch your piercings. This is a staple to healing. When your body piercer says "please dont touch your piercing during the healing time!" The reason behind this is that you as humans use your hands to investigate everything you want to look at, eat, drink, read, pick at, smell, scrape, dust, type, tap, etc., etc. So, when you casually move your hand that you think hasnt touched anything but your phone and your new piercing is a little itchy. Then a little while late your piercing that wasnt red is now red and tender. You wait a few more days touching and over washing your piercings hoping that the redness and tenderness goes away, unfortunatly it will not go away. Finally, you return to the tattoo and piercing studio that you recieved the piercing and jewelry at telling the piercer that you never verred off of the healing after care instrucitons you gave to them. After, what seams like an eternity you fess up to scratching it once and a while, sleeping on it here and there and oh you hit it with your phone maybe once or twice.

Please listen to your body piercer when you get pierced. If the individual who you are allowing to pierce your body and they do NOT have a healing aftercare to LIVE by dont ask them to pierce you!! The individuals who love what they do LOVE what they do because of you!!! Those individuals want to see you often and dont mind aswering questions as long as you are listening to the answers. Remember you came into their work wanting them to perfom a service for YOU give them the respect of listening to them and there is NO WRONG QUESTION!

We here at IKIGAI carry a vegan, 100% organic soap for your body piercing aftercare. This soap is locally made here in Santa fe, NM for our clients. We recommend that you use this soap 2 times daily when you start your day and when you end your day, when ever that time happens to be. This is NOT a magical save the world in one soap, that would be amazing however that isnt what we could find. We have had 100% positive response with this soap and our clients are using it for more than just their piercing aftercare. They have said that it is amazing for removing makeup, washing cuts and scrapes and even for acne breakouts. This is actual info we have recieved from our clients this is not bs just to say that we have the best that ever was. Not every soap is right for every skin type, so please know your skin and look at the ingredients before buying something you dont know what it has in it and what it can do to your skin.

Thanks for reading!!

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