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happy Halloween!!

Hey guys and ghouls please be safe this Halloween night!! we had a busy day at the shop doing piercings and tattoos for all of you Halloween lovers!! This day started as exciting as it is ending. Today is Phil and Nikki's' daughter MaryJanes' 11th birthday!! Phil and Nikki are so proud of her and how far she has come in this journey of life. This little lady has grown along with their son MarcAnthony in front of Santa fe over the past 12 yrs that Phil has been piercing in this amazing town. This couple have come so far then they were when they were living in Pecos, NM and the old shop was hardly making any $$ Phil kept his head up and never said DIE. He is living proof that NM doesn't accept low grade he is a self made man. Every year on this day it remind them that they have come far but, there is so much more to accomplish here in Santa fe and far away. This holiday season we are expecting to get some more new jewelry options for you all and off their double gift certificate holiday offer Phil and Nikki have been giving Santa fe for many years. They just love what they do so much that they want only to give back to every one. They also do their fair share of donations so dont forget to donate to the local shelters this cold season. It doesn't have to be a holiday to give back and the cold season is here now!! Our locals who do more walking every day then most of us do in a month need socks, long johns, blankets, back packs etc, etc, etc........ It doesn't take much to give to those who need more than the rest.

Be safe and have the most fun with your Halloween plans!!!!

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