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sunday funday

Thanks to all the amazing clients who payed us a visit today at the shop. If you don't know, we offer custom tattooing never tracing and high end body jewelry to be pierced with!! Sundays at the shop are always fun, we are only open til 5pm on Sundays and it is never a slow day!! Those 5 hours just zip on by even heading into the slow fall and winter season!! When you have a busy productive day then you stay happy and determined to do your best for every client. The sun is shining and its warm today here in Santa fe,NM so why not be in a good mood.?

Today Nikki did a lettering style tattoo and set apts for upcoming tattoos to be done later this week, Phil did a set of spider bites on a great new client then did a set of lobes on a sweet 5 yr old learning that Phil had pierced her mother at his old place of employment. Mother said he had treated her so well when her daughter said she wanted to get earrings Mother knew exactly who to call. We even were gifted with a new pendant from Phils friend the talented Jay the glass blower. If you havent seen our gorgeous pendants for sale then you are missing out!!!!

Remember your loved ones that may be suffering in this season shift! Some people have a hard time with change and when the seasons change they have a hard time with it. Send them a little hello, how are you and that alone could be the one bit of attention that snaps them out of the depression or dark place they are in at the moment. You can never see depression till its too late.

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