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welcoming the holidays..

as we get closer and closer to the joy of the holiday hustle and bustle we can start to forget to take proper care of our piercings and tattoos. the weather is dry and cold so dont forget to keep your skin hydrated by drinking as much water as you can and also use your essential oils to keep that skin nice and supple. your piercings try our best not not touch them if they are in their healing stages if they are happy and healed try not to pick at them with the dry skin due to the dry weather. For our clients that wear make up try and not to apply the makeup over your piercing holes and especially not the jewelry!!! if the piercing hole is healed and happy and you do happen to get makeup on your jewelry try and use an old used and cleaned toothbrush to clean away the makeup as to get the best look out of your jewelry!! we cannot express enough how important it is to keep your body properly hydrated during the winter months. drink water and smile to a passing stranger, hold a door open for the next person it will brighten someones day if not yours to help out someone you dont even know. Happy Holidays to Every One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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