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What a Wednesday...

Hey guys and gals from us here at IKIGAI! We are working hard to create this website for all of our amazing client near and far!!! I want to thank the many of you guys for making this shop amazing!! We have hoodies and warm joggers for this cold season!! We want all of you guys out there to stay warm with this cold weather moving in a little early. Don't forget to treat yourself before the trick or treaters!! We have some gorgeous new jewelry that will make you smile no matter what is going on in your day to day. We also want every one to know that Nikki is going to be offering FACE PAINTING for halloween!!!!! Hit her up if thats something you just dont have the time to do, she will be happy to help you out!!

Remember when you feel down just look up! There is light everywhere even in the darkest spaces. We all have troubles and hardships to face, try and smile for you need a smile back. When i have been horribly low lately i just throw a smile on the face and bam, some how some way i get smiles back and i feel just a little bit better about my situation. This day and age we are so glued to the screen and forget to look out infront of us. Thanks for reading my little blog on the shop and my random thoughts.

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